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Our passion is connecting you to your dream home in beautiful Southern California, through an elegant and hassle free process.


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Our agents are certified residential specialists with years of experience with helping local residents buy and sell homes.  Our success is due to our commitment to enhancing our client’s real estate experience through our professional and quality service.


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    About Us

    COMST is a full service, professional real estate solutions company located in San Diego, California. Founded by Matthias Mueller a licensed California Real Estate Agent, COMST is proud to provide real estate services in the following areas:

    • Real Estate Brokerage
    • Residential Redevelopment
    • Short Sales/Loss Mitigation
    • Real Estate Investment

    Since its inception, COMST has passionately pursued the goal of helping homeowners find solutions to their real estate needs. Our company specializes in solving real estate problems, and we can help correct almost any financial situation at no cost to you!